Grey Sauna Cap


  • High quality Sauna Cap
  • Material insulates and Protects Hair
  • Will help you sweat in Sauna
  • Holds long hair
  • Sweat absorbable material
  • Machine washable
  • Can double up as Winter cap too

1 review for Grey Sauna Cap

  1. saunadmin

    Posted for Brenda McM, MN (01/20/2023)

    One of the best buys for the Christmas! With the winters, I love to use Sauna. I color my hair and have an issue with the color not lasting for too long. And also, dryness I experience with Sauna usage. The cap fixed both. I bought two so I can cycle through. Thank you for it… I just wonder sometimes, how I went into Sauna all these years and not thought of protecting my hair. Don’t have to think about it anymore 🙂

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