I decided to send a quick email to show my appreciation. It made such a big difference in terms of how my hair feels after using Sauna. One of my gym mates pointed me to you guys as I was constantly complaining about my hair after Sauna. Thank you, now I can really enjoy Sauna instead of worrying about my hair!
Jared S
2 years Sauna user and 1 week using SaunaCaps
I love it. It's been about 3 weeks now. I have dry hair and I use your cap with water as suggested and it made a world of difference. It feels soft and conditioned after Sauna use!! Thank you.
GWen L
2 year Sauna user and 3 weeks using SaunaCaps
Never realized how much damage I caused my hair over the past year. Also, never thought I would use anything on my hair inside the Sauna including a spray. I have to tell you, the cap helps keeping my hair soft and strong.
John P
3 years Sauna user and 6 months SaunaCaps user
This is my 3rd week of using your cap in the Sauna. It's a big difference. The hair feels great after 3/4/5 hours. I would always feel my hair was way dryer before, not anymore. I tried a regular Sauna hat (one of those we picked up when we went to Poland), and I didn't feel much of a difference. Thank you again for the product and keeping it reasonable.
Lena Kowalczyk
1 year Sauna user and 3 weeks using SaunaCaps
The cap and the spritzer are awesome. I love to be in the Sauna for at least 20 minutes, never was possible before due to the heat and now with the combination, I LOVE it. Thank you for a awesome cap.
Samantha R
1 year Sauna user, 3 month SaunaCaps user
I don't go into Sauna anymore without my cap. I am the one who thoroughly enjoys the Sauna because of all the aches and pains I have after the workout. The material is great, my hair feels great and more importantly, the difference I see is after a few hours, how good my hair is. I was looking for sometime for a cap to shield my hair from heat and found it. Thank you.
George Lupo
14 months using Sauna and 6 months using SaunaCaps
Thank you for the Caps. I bought for both myself and my husband. Even though he wasn't sure in the beginning, he uses more than me now!! We just use them as is, the hair feels great after the sauna session.
Becky D
2 year Sauna user, 8 month SaunaCaps user
I love it and tell everyone I care to use it in Sauna. My friend uses in Infrared one at his home. And couple of others at my gym. I just wet my hair and put my cap on and my hair looks better than before I got into Sauna. The material absorbs sweat and washes well.
Dave W
3 years using Sauna and 6 months using SaunaCaps