About Us

A place to Innovate and Serve.

Our company was born out of the necessity of lack of products to address extreme heat in a Sauna that affect hair and scalp. 

With years of experience in various fields of engineering, fashion and consumer products, we embarked on an ambitious plan to serve the Sauna using customers.

After multiple consumer trials and innumerable controlled tests, we finally came up with a proprietary fabric that has high insulation capacity, is comfortable, sweat absorbing, can withstand high heat and repeated machine washing and still be able to perform at a very high level to protect users hair and scalp.

We are constantly adding new products with changing fashion in the sauna gear market. We are working to bring fashionable yet minimalistic designs to the Sauna using our proprietary fabric.

We also added Spritzers, which are our customized Essential oil combinations to help conditioning your hair and gain further benefits.

Thank you for thousands of our loyal customers. We are grateful to you for supporting us.


SaunaCaps is a division of our parent company, Jatro Renewables, Inc. You can reach our parent company at http:\\www.jatrorenewables.com

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