Our products are made with highest quality materials, keeping in mind your comfort. The products are tested in controlled environment which is lot more stringent than normal use environment. Tested to maximum temperatures of 225º F. 

We guarantee the quality and functionality.

Slouchy Beanie

For a stylish looking you in

Hair Spritzers

Essential Oils for conditioning the hair while you enjoy Sauna

Our products

Look why our products work!

Controlled Tests

The caps were tested in Controlled environment of up to 225 F. Also, tested under multiple varying conditions of humidity and heat. Our products passed with flying colors for durability and functionality.

Multiple uses

Due to its superior heat insulation properties, our Sauna Caps can be used outside in Winter!! Also, use it to get your sweat levels higher during workouts!

Washing and Durability

You could use treatment products on your hair with our Caps. Our caps wash well and retain all properties we are proud of and that you like.

High Quality

The proprietary material mix is used to provide the best heat insulation as well as comfort to you.

Hair Color, Perm, etc.

If you are like 1000s of our customers who color their hair, our caps will instantly save you quite a bit of time and dollars. With our Caps on, you will get at least 1 to 2 times more time in-between hair treatment.

All Hair Types

We tested our Caps on all hair types under varying degrees of temperatures and humidity in Saunas. Our products worked excellently on all hair types.

Our products will...

Protect the Hair from Heat 100%
Extend time between Hair coloring 91%
Sweat Absorption 100%
Luxurious material 88%